Get This Mother Published!

The Wacky World of a Recovering Army Brat Family

A hysterical romp through the life of an Army Brat who eventually became a well-known television news anchor … and a family who was involved in international espionage, top secret ‘black box’ projects, and highly classified missile programs.


What if… you knew your beloved mother was a phenomenal poet and story-teller who’d written thousands of pages, but had never been published?

What if… you knew your dad was the Army’s first Atomics Officer and was the head of a top-secret missile program?

What if… you grew up with the knowledge that your mom had once been accused of international espionage?

What if… your dad and his best friend, rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun, had actually gotten away with pulling off one of the biggest missile scams in military history?

What if… your dad, a critically wounded soldier who was once held POW by the Nazis, had actually found a way to sneak into the Fort Knox Gold Depository at midnight, and lived to tell about it?

What if… your grandmother was a CIA spy who was one of the first female officers in China behind Chiang Kai-sheck?

What if… all these stories were so routine you just didn’t know what a weird family you had?

You would probably end up writing a book. And that book would be called: Get This Mother Published!

They met presidents, movie stars, rock ‘n’ roll singers, stirred controversy, and created an Adopt-a-Soldier program that ultimately changed the lives of more than 100,000 soldiers who were headed to Vietnam. Along the way this Army Mom wrote thousands of pages of poetry and text, but sadly was never published … Until now!

    • An Army officer who found a midnight way to sneak into the National Gold Depository at Fort Knox, and a wife and mom who was once accused of international espionage.


    • The moving story of a family who witnessed some of the greatest events in history, a dad who became a war hero, Prisoner of War, and later headed the nation’s top secret missile project.


    • A misbehaving colonel’s wife who accidentally “fired” one of those missiles into the heart of post-war Germany, a Mom who nearly set fire to a dozen officers’ wives, whose husbands were part of a secret “black box” project based in Fort Bliss, Texas.


    • Crazy stories of a teenager who ended up in the company of two U.S. Presidents and a First Lady, one of whom proved to be monstrously rude.


    • An Army brat (the author) who became a top television newscaster, occasionally battling and baiting some of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood.

This is one book you won’t put down until you reach the incredibly moving last chapter.